Who we are

We are grassroots organizers, meaning we are a group of volunteers dedicated to bringing positive change in our community. We are a group of people who understand the importance of moving away from the false notion that law enforcement is here to protect and serve. We value investing in each other and our mutual safety and see the need to divest from any and all law enforcement entities and all forms of incarceration.

Mission Statement

Divest/Invest RGV is dedicated to informing, organizing and empowering our community in the struggle to diverge from systems rooted in anti-blackness, oppression and violence. We recognize all systems created during colonization are designed to uphold white supremacy, and that we must lay a foundation for alternatives to issues such as policing and mass incarceration, with marginalized peoples at the center of our vision. Through research, education, conversations with our neighbors, and community-centered solutions we can divest from punitive justice and invest in an environment where everyone's needs are met and we all feel safe.

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